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What exactly is this WiFi Sniffer about?

What exactly is this WiFi Sniffer about?

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Choosing your favorite one among the various wifi hacking tools present in the internet is a challenging task. Especially when there are only a couple of WiFi hacking tools that meets up to its bill, the dilemma would probably eat up the end user's mind. Those two are the WiFi cracker and the WiFi sniffer. While both of the applications sound illegal, the epochal quest to choose "WiFi cracker or WiFi sniffer" quandary gets even more difficult. No honest critic reviews have been received on these wifi hacking tools so far and the task becomes even more daunting. Choosing one's favorite parent is, rather , an easy task compared to these hacker applications as there would be atleast million factors to be considered and the fact that many factors are involved doesn't pique anyone's curiosity. WiFi cracker gets your job done with just one click and secure enough, but it didn't impress many pundits, while WiFi sniffer requires you to be relatively patient and click 2 more times, which isn't hard by any means, a major breakthrough which WiFi sniffer achieved is its assurance of high quality security.

See it to believe what the application can do:

Cracker directs your request through public proxies, which isn't highly reliable, and the anonymity can't be kept for longer periods of time while the sniffer directs your request through private dedicated proxies, which is the highest security available in the concept of WiFi hacking, and the anonymity is kept as long as you want remain anonymous. When you are hacking someone else's WiFi network, you sure as hell want to remain anonymous and that's where WiFi sniffer completely owns the cracker. These WiFi hacking tools can get really confusing when you don't know how to analyze them properly. However, using both the cracker and the sniffer will leave you with a more instinctive understanding of what WiFi hacking tools actually are. Neither the cracker nor the sniffer can be called undisputedly the champion. However, the creators of both of these WiFi hacking tools have great character to give away these applications. Although they feel paying money for these applications is optional, their donation button on their official websites testifies that, I strongly feel applications of this kind which is of real use should be mandatorily priced and an application like the WiFi cracker or the WiFi sniffer which provides free WiFi around the globe deserves more than what other silly applications cost. If they had priced these WiFi hacking tools, a stream of beaming data-hungry penny pinching people would still come flooding through the gates to avail this genius of an application. The notorious creators have crafted these applicaitons to perfection, as there were no reported evidences of anyone being caught using these applications. The contests between these unethical hackers and the ethical government officials are closely fought, in the end, however, unethical hackers end up owning the poor ethical hacking professionals. Still more wifi hacking tools can be expected from these unethical hackers and the ethical professionals might still have to just sit and watch.

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